Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master

Healing Touch Practitioner Level 3

I use my unique ability to see and move energies and the techniques I have mastered to heal physically, mentally and spiritualy. 

I combine traditional Usui Reiki with Healing Touch to clear auras and align chakras. You receive a much deeper relaxation and cleansing. 

$60 per healing


Soul Realignment and Psychic Readings


My guides come in loud and clear, giving me the ability to work clairvoiently and clairaudiently. I have worked as a professional psychic for 2 different worldwide psychic lines for years, but prefer to have my own clientelle. 

SOUL REALIGNMENT          $100

Soul Realignment is a very indepth reading of your soul from inception.  This is for people that are really seeking to understand their Divine Purpose as a Spiritual Being living as a Human Being. 

To access the Akashic Records I require 4 pieces of information from you. Once I receive them I set aside a day to enter the records thru a 3 hour meditation. During this meditation I enter your souls' record and ask specific questions designed by Andrea Hess of Soul

You will receive a very detailed report of all questions that I ask and the answers that I am given by my guides. You will also be given homework to do in order to "rewrite" your Akashic Record. 


Massage Therapy

CA Licensed Massage Therapist


As a Licensed Therapist I can provide you with a professional massage at your home. Swedish, Trigger Point, Deep Pressure. 

$60 per hour